PREVIEW: Marble Pebbles Jewellery

Published June 20, 2012 by Vdoodle

The natural marbles in this river rocks necklace were gathered and hand drilled by a fellow crafter who lives in Rajasthan!

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Pebbles from the sea buried under deserts of Rajasthan are carefully chosen by us according to their colors, shapes and sizes to create an absolutely rocking collection especially for you. This natural stone necklace is absolutely one-of-a-kind (OOAK) due to the nature of these fabulously unique pebbles.

The fact that this pebble necklace is handcrafted and absolutely one-of-a-kind is what makes this natural stone necklace so much more special than mass-produced, big box gifts. The care that I put into the creation of this pebble necklace is the care that you put into the choosing of your gift is the love that the gift symbolizes (even if it’s a gift to yourself!)

Price: INR 550/- Free Delivery across India
$10.99 with delivery cost $4 elsewhere
Quantity: Unique piece

To order one mail us:


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